Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to save your precious time

Time is money.

It’s the modern most value asset you can have, and, as many people teach how to manage our relationships, money and assets, there are also others who make a living teaching us what do do with our time.
 As a full time employee, a blogger, a daughter, a girlfriend, and, soon, a business management student, time management for me is more than a necessity! I have no choice but to be organized.
Therefore, there's a couple of very important tips that will help you manage your time and add up a couple hours you'll be able to spend on thing you actually love!

It all starts with the correct mindset. Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect, and, many times,  I fail to live up to what I plan, however, life would be much more difficult if I didn't set my mind to be organized and know where, with who and how I'm going.

You can't score without a goal.

 2.The perfect tool.
For the different aspects of my life, I have many tools in order to help me keeping up with what I have to do, and also gain a couple habits that helped me keep on track:
  • Use your phone calendar: 
            I love having a visualization of how busy I'm going to be in a day, week or month. Not only it keeps       from being "overbooked" but also know where I can fit things like dates, dinners with friends and exercise for example.

  •  Freedcamp.com
By allowing you to have different projects it also helps you with keeping track of what your important
task are, and create sub-tasks, dividing them into small chunks which will help you to achieve your goals easily.

  • Evernote
This is where I keep my ideas for blogpost, to buy lists, budgets, nice podcast I find, etc.

These three tools pretty much work as my second brain ahahaha!

3.Learn how to say no.
You're the one who profits when you do so. 
Unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I can not be there for everybody. 
That's the reason why I learnt how to manage my priorities in order to do what I WANT in my free time, not what people bought me into.

Concluding, your time is your biggest asset. Like Kevin Kruse says, you wouldn't leave your wallet open to any body to come and take you money, so I would you allow someone to take valuable time of your life?

Comment below where would spend your time if you had an extra week off right now! 
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