Saturday, June 10, 2017

DECOR | Best YouTube Channels for DIY Begginers

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a great week!
Here in Lisbon the sun finally decided to stay for a while, and with that summer feeling comes also the need for summer cleaning and renovation.
If you are like me, YouTube is your go to when it comes to inspiration (music, to make up tutorials and how to's, etc...).
So today, I will be sharing my favorite YouTube channels, and my favorite videos!

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                                                                                     1. Drew Scott:
Besides being super sweet he is one of the most creative artists on YouTube on my opinion.
I absolutely love his ideas and the effort he puts in his videos!
One of my favorites is below:

Arlyne's Channel is not just about Decoration, however I fell in love with following video, and I am definitely going to try most of the ideas:

                                                                                      3. Danielle Jasmine
Much like Arlyne, Danielle is not focused only on decoration, but damn, he was able to turn 10€ pieces into 200€ looking pieces of art! Check them out in the video below:

April's Channel circles around natural hair and DIY's, and my favorite is definitely this one using customized mirrors:

They are not in a specif order because I loved all of them and will definitely try some of them to show on the blog.

Some of the products used in these videos: 

Marble Paper:  Here
Metallic Spray Silver: Here 
Metallic Spray Gold: Here
Metallic Spray Rose Gold: Here
Diamond Shaped Drawer Handle: Here
Cabinet Drawer Handle: Here
E600 Glue: Here 
Gel Stain: Here

Leave me your DIY experiences on the comments below, and even a link to your favorite video you feel like it!



  1. These tips are great!! �� Thanks for sharing! ☺️

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