Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ladies Talk | How to (pretend) not be to be a crazy girlfriend

Hello everyone!
I hope you are having a really nice weekend!

Today, 13th May, is a very important day for Portugal:
-The pope is here;
-Benfica became a champion (again!);
-Me and my boyfriend complete one year and eight months together as a couple!

Let me fill you in: everybody thinks we are relationships goals, and we are the kind of couple who throw shade together.
HOWEVER, untill very recently my boyfriend did not find out the level of my craziness. How did I manage to keep this a secret? Keep reading.


Everybody stalks, As long as you care about something or someone you are going to want to know EVERYTHING about it/them.
Especially at the beginning of a relationship, is very important to know backgrounds.
So why not take a look at their medical, school, and even political record?
The important things is to NEVER let them know you are stalking. Which means you do not get to ask questions about the stuff you find - we just going to assume things after we lurk and probably be wrong about them.

There are a great amount of things that can make you jealous; Exes, groupies, the bros, and even their hobbies (cars, collections, soccer, gym etc) - whatever competes with the amount of attention you get,becomes a target.
So, we pretend not to mind, and even make snacks to their friends when they come over to watch sports events. And smile :)

Even with all the Internet tools, you can not know everything. But why not have eyes everywhere?
Get them your besties to be where you can not be, whether that is a private instagram, or a nightclub.
Welcome to a millennial real life spying  app.
Just do not let him know you have all this people lurking around: or else the undercover effect washes off!

After a while, you can start showing all signs of craziness, jealousy and stalking, because he is yours forever and if he tries to run you just kidnap him and hide him on your closet :)

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I am obviously KIDDING about all this, but  you have to admit that there is a percentage of truth in every joke!
I love my boyfriend and our relationship, and I truly believe that every good relationship must always be based on:

-Trust: You have to feel comfortable enough to speak about loved one about ANYTHING  - even if it is finances, health, insecurities, you have to be able to actually manage these things together. Or else shit will definitely go down.

-Communication: Following the point above, get that talking going! You can not, not say something just because you know your loved one is not going to like it, or else that action will be repeated in the future and you will be the one suffering. You do not like socks on the floor? Speak your mind. You do not like make up on the sink? Speak your mind. 

-Break your routine: Regardless the age, is important to go travel, meet new restaurants, try new experiences  - make history together and have a story to tell later to your grandchildren.
 You do not want to tell them that you had a really safe life and you tried the same restaurant for 40 years! Work in order to teach them al the things they can see and experience!

I hope you liked this slightly different blog post, please tell me in the comments more advice to not be caught being a crazy girlfriend ahaha!

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  1. OMGGG! Love this <3 You are hilarious. Sometimes we all act a little crazy in relationships, but who cares!!! Great tips and love your writing!

    Sivan - The Olive Brunette


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