Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ladies Talk | My favorite drugstore Make Up Products

Hello everyone!

Who knows me well knows that I believe you do not need a a lot of money to look like millions!
So today I am sharing a few drugstore products that will make you look on point without spending your rent money:

1- All Matt Shinning Powder from Catrice:
You can buy this at Well's stores in Portugal, and I love it because it takes away all the shine and oil of your face, becoming the perfect powder to finish your make up - without going broke haha!

2-Maybelline Fit Me Concealer:
I LIVE for concealer: the biggest problem on my face is definately my eyebags, and this concealer is just heaven on earth when it comes to cover up my all nighters side effects.

3-Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Matte Foudation:
Theres two things I like: Matte and saving money. This is a new in my make up collection, because I decided to take a break from my Mary Kay foudation (I use more in the summer because it is a darker tone).
This Foundation is not to oily and the cover up is perfect.

4-L'Oreal Paris Ruby Opera 0.18:
I love Red lipsticks and this one last for a long time on my lips!
Of course they do not survive my McDonalds savage eating but some things are just worth it.

5-L'Oreal Subtle Sable Blush:
A blush perfects your make up like no other make up product and this one became on my favorites this year.

6-Baby Lips
I would rather get hit by a car then to lose my baby lips. I have a full collection, and I used them on those times when you just want to look like a freaking human being. And it tastes like fruits!

Tell me everythings about your favorite make up products down below on comments and do not Forget to subscribe to be the first one to know the news!


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