Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why you shouldn't give a f* about what people think about you

This is something  I have been putting a lot of thought into, and, because we all are humans and make mistakes, I decided to share with you guys my thoughts on this matter.
 How many times you did not do something because you were afraid of what people would think and say?
How many times did someone's comment killed your dream before you even got the time to start planning it?

 And who's fault is that?


 We, are the only ones with the power to let others' opinions change the course of our life, and, unfortunately, I did this too many times.
A great social media personality and motivational speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk wrote that our passion is the only thing that can lead us not only to financial freedom but also to complete happiness.

Think about it: if you work 50 hours per week on your passion is it really working???

 And your passion can be anything from singing, to vlogging to cooking - is the opinion of someone you maybe do not even know that well, worth the years ahead of thinking "What if"?

 For me it's absolutely not worth it.
Although scary, I know that I cannot grow in my comfort zone, and that being scared is actually a sign of moving on, so, I will just embrace it, work on a few new projects you can get to see in the future, and hope that I was able to inspire at least one of you today - it would make my day!
Remember to surround yourself with people with good vibes, who are ambitious just like you. The ones who tell you that you can't do something, will have to sit back and watch you grow your success day by day until they realize they were wrong.

 What is your passion?

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  1. Ha! I love this article. Keep the good material coming girl!


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