Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lifestyle | My morning routine

Untill very recently mornings were my pet peeve: the alarm was my biggest enemy and I could not stand having to get out of bed.

 So I decided to change my morning routine and add little things that make my day go better:

  •  I prepare my morning the night before
By choosing my outfit, preparing my lunch and getting my work bag ready the night before, I am removing extra tasks in the morning, making it easier to go through.

  • 5 minutes of meditation
 Admit it: you check your email and social media way before getting out of bed. I did it too, and that would only escalate my morning grumpiness.

 Instead of checking my phone, now I choose to sit down on my bed and meditate for 5 minutes:

  • I Visualize how my day will go through;
  • I Visualize my goals;
  • And I have a journal in my bedstand where I write at least one thing I am grateful for every morning.
  •  Have a Yummi Breakfast
I love to  eat fruit in the morning, so I usually eat it with yogurt and maybe some cereal. This way you have somehing to be excited for and you do not skip the most important meal of the day.

 Pro tip: If you claim you do not have time to eat breakfast, put something tasty in your bag or work desk. The morning is the best time to eat sugar, since you have all day to burn calories, and awakes you brain.

  • I read in the train
My 25 minutes train journey to work allows to read my favorite books, maintaing my positive mindset. Right now, I am reading Rich dad Poor Dad and LOVING it, I will make a post just about it.

 How is your morning routine?

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