Friday, March 3, 2017

Finance | How to save money on designer Itens

We all want that Michael Kors Bag, or Dior  perfum, however not all of us want, or can afford these luxuries. 

Today I am sharing some tips to help you find these pieces at a lower price:
  1. Garage Sales
Go to garage sales that take place in the nice neighborks next to you. The odds are you'll find very interesting pieces at a much lowert rate.
  1. Thrift Shops
The same concept apllies to thrift shops: People sell anything for a diverse amount of reasons. Who knows if those shoes you've been looking for aren't just there?

  1. Search the web
There many online shops where you can find designer Itens, one of my favorites is Forzieri. By subscribing to their newsletter you will be the first one to know when the major discounts take plase. This applies to follow this shops on social media, where they share when their prices are going low.
  1. Second Hand
If in perfect conditions, nobody will ever know that bag, shirt, or jackets belonged to other person. Once again, search on the web - sites like eBay are usually a good place to find itens like this.

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