Monday, March 6, 2017

Career | A little talk about my goals

Hi Everyone!

 I hope you started your week in a positive note!
 I am starting this week by sharing something a little bit more personal in the blog for the first time: My goals.
I am doing this, because it will be a fun post to read in the future when I accomplish them!

Being a focused girl myself - when I commit to ssomething I will do it - this may come from my past with sports, and the discipline it gave me.

Concerning school I have always had good grades and was really competitive. However, back then there was always someone to tell me of If I were slacking, either teachers, my parents or coaches.

 As a young adult, there is nobody to tell me of if I do not accomplish my goals, therefore, I am my own coach.

One of my objectives, is to be my own boss.

This one is very important for me, because I know that as much I was try there isn't a job that makes me entirely happy - I have to be the one to create it, and it is an everyday process.

Breaking this in baby steps, I have to learn with the big sharks, and that is why I am now taking a 9 months internship in a multinational company, and I will take a business management masters.

 In what concerns family, I plan on moving out of my parents house as soon as I have finish my masters (in two years), buy a house, move in with my boyfriend, and start a family with him.

The little steps in this goal includes, saving, saving, and more saving.

 I feel that in the next two years there will be a great change in my life and I have already start building it.

 This is something that I really need at this point, and hopefully I will have new goals two years from  now, but today I will focus on these two major goals and work EVERYDAY towards them.

 Which are your goals? What are you doing to accomplish them?

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  1. Hi! Found your blog today and I really like it. So nice to read something positive, it makes me want to be more productive and do something. I recently moved it with my boyfriend and that was quite a big step for me so I feel you.
    Have a good one xx


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