Sunday, February 26, 2017

Career | How to cope with lack of motivation

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a nice weekend!

 As I am writting this post in a Sunday, the day most people feel depressed about going to work  th next day (me included), I thought it would be nice to share a couple tricks to help you keep your mind positive and not see Monday as a big monster.


 I am not going to lie: sometimes is really hard to deal with the stress and anxiety of our day job, however, you have to see things in perspective:

-Why are you working for?

E.G. I work to gain experience to find a better job later, buy equipment to help me grow my passion (Blogging) and one day use all that knowledge to build my own company.

If you are working only to pay bills, you are building someone else's dream, definately not yours.

Whether you're currently studying, or working full-time, you must update your long-term goals to help you visualize where are you going.

- What is your morning routine?

Do you start your day waking up late and having to run to go to school or your job?

If you are already stressed, those extra five minutes in bed won't do anything about it.

 Instead, train yourself to get up early - we are creatures of habit. Wake up half na hour earlier and:

-Use the first 5 minutes to meditate:
What are your goals for the day? How will you accomplish them?

-Be gratefull:
Have a journal next to your bed, and write every morning the things you are gratefull for (your house, your family, your health, the fact you can afford to go to school or to work etc). This helps you visualize all the positive things you have and start your day with this mindset.


Before going to college, I used to practice 5 differents sports: nowadays I practice zero.

You do not have to wake up and go to the gym, but you can include a  5 minute set of Yoga exercises in your morning routine or go for a walk around your block.

This will get your body ready to what it has to face during that day.

 Concluding, if you do not have a goal you cannot score: you need to redifine your priorities, get your goals updated, and start your day like a champion.


What other tips do you have on how to cope with lack of motivation?

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