Sunday, February 26, 2017

Being a woman in my twenties


Being a twenty something in the internet era is way more difficult the what it was fifty years ago.
Today we can see the sometimes irrealistic lifestyes people our ages have and how much they’ve been accomplishing without actually getting access to the backstages where hardwork and long hours of no sleep are predominant.
As a woman in my twenties, a big challenge I am facing is the men ruled corporate world. My company is runned by 9 directors, and none of them are women.
However my department, the administrative, is one hundred per cent populated my woman. Is the myth of the woman as secretary still alive? Obviously yes. Is it harder for high skilled hard working women to have a voice around men? Absolutely.
My goal as intern in this multinational company is to learn as much as I can and hopefully in the future I’ll be able to become a woman in a men’s world, raising the representativity and proving that we can be whatever we want with a lot of hardwork, a little perseverance and a lot of persistency.
Another challenge is to face the maternity spectrum, where you’re expected to marry, form a family, have kids and Forget about your career in this road of motherhood.
I usually say that women should be able to choose their own path wether is being a stay at home mom or a executive woman.
Which are the challenges you face as a women in your twenties?

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