Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Hello ! Welcome to Millennial Shatterbelt!

About The blog:

Millennial Shatterbelt is a lifestyle blog dedicated to share Tips, Tricks and How to's about themes between  Career, Finances and Lifestyle.

 On top of that, you can also find ideas concerning Fashion and , on the category "Ladies Talk", my opinions about everyday challenges about being a woman, and  tricks that may help ease your life as a Lady too.

 Every post you will read in this blog is written with love and carefully planned out in order to help you in a specific area of your life, so you are welcome to ask questions and leave ideas about subjects you would like to read about in MS.

About me:

 I am 21, and I was born and raised in Lisbon, and very happy in Dublin.

I graduated from college in September 2016 with a degree in International Relations, and I am currently an executive assistant trainee, and I was previously an intern in a multinational company's purchase departament.

I am enrolled in a Business Management Masters and hopefully one day I will work full-time on this blog.

 I have had a couple blogs growing up, however, I felt the need the create something more adapted to my generation: The Millennials.

 I started by researching and be connected with bloggers who are experts about our biggest struggles - How to succeed in a job interview? What to wear? How to save money? - and decided to compile all of that information in one blog so that WE can be able to succeed.

 I love planning, writting, reading, go out and have fun with my friends, but my most favorite thing is to accomplish my goals, therefore I hope I can help you accomplish yours!!

 Keep posted through my social media at lhe Side bar at your right, to get to know my behind the scenes and everyday life!
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