Sunday, February 26, 2017

5 ways to slay a job interview


Our first job interview can be a nightmare. Or not! Keep reading to learn how you can get ready for a job interview - and slay it!

1.Be prepared
Make a research about the company and the job you are apllying for, you do not want to be caught out of guard when asked "What do you know about our company?".

2. Know your biggest flaws and qualities
Usually this is a question all recruiters tend to ask. Please escape the mainstream "I am a perfectionist" in your flaws, instead tell them something they find appropriate to the job. EG.: "I had a really hard time delegating chores but today I am a really great team worker."

3. Do not be late
Know where the interview will take place and calculate how much time you will take to get there.
Remember: If you are early you are on time, if you're just on time you're late.

4. Dress approprately
Wear fitted ironed clothes, and take care of your hair and make up. You will want to transmit a taken care look.

5. Do not talk to much
When asked a question respond assertively.

6. The biggest obstacule
If this is your first job interview tell them an obstactule you had and how you dealt with it (Changing schools and have to adapt to a new environment for example). If not, do exact the same: what was you biggest obstacule in your old job and what did you do to overcome it?

7. Pay attention to your body language
This is quite important because they are reading what you don't say. Try not to cross your arms in front of your body or touch your neck (showing that you're unconfortable/insecure), and try and look them in eyes, smile and speak slowly.

PRO TIP: When sitting down turn the chair a little bit so that you're not sitting straight in front of your recruiter. This reduces the level of formality and will allow you to be more relaxed.
I hope this tips helped you, and I will make a future post just about body language in job interviews :)

Do you have any tips on how to slay na interview?


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