Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to save your precious time

Time is money.

It’s the modern most value asset you can have, and, as many people teach how to manage our relationships, money and assets, there are also others who make a living teaching us what do do with our time.
 As a full time employee, a blogger, a daughter, a girlfriend, and, soon, a business management student, time management for me is more than a necessity! I have no choice but to be organized.
Therefore, there's a couple of very important tips that will help you manage your time and add up a couple hours you'll be able to spend on thing you actually love!

It all starts with the correct mindset. Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect, and, many times,  I fail to live up to what I plan, however, life would be much more difficult if I didn't set my mind to be organized and know where, with who and how I'm going.

You can't score without a goal.

 2.The perfect tool.
For the different aspects of my life, I have many tools in order to help me keeping up with what I have to do, and also gain a couple habits that helped me keep on track:
  • Use your phone calendar: 
            I love having a visualization of how busy I'm going to be in a day, week or month. Not only it keeps       from being "overbooked" but also know where I can fit things like dates, dinners with friends and exercise for example.

  •  Freedcamp.com
By allowing you to have different projects it also helps you with keeping track of what your important
task are, and create sub-tasks, dividing them into small chunks which will help you to achieve your goals easily.

  • Evernote
This is where I keep my ideas for blogpost, to buy lists, budgets, nice podcast I find, etc.

These three tools pretty much work as my second brain ahahaha!

3.Learn how to say no.
You're the one who profits when you do so. 
Unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I can not be there for everybody. 
That's the reason why I learnt how to manage my priorities in order to do what I WANT in my free time, not what people bought me into.

Concluding, your time is your biggest asset. Like Kevin Kruse says, you wouldn't leave your wallet open to any body to come and take you money, so I would you allow someone to take valuable time of your life?

Comment below where would spend your time if you had an extra week off right now! 
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ladies Talk | My favorite drugstore Make Up Products

Hello everyone!

Who knows me well knows that I believe you do not need a a lot of money to look like millions!
So today I am sharing a few drugstore products that will make you look on point without spending your rent money:


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why you shouldn't give a f* about what people think about you

This is something  I have been putting a lot of thought into, and, because we all are humans and make mistakes, I decided to share with you guys my thoughts on this matter.
 How many times you did not do something because you were afraid of what people would think and say?
How many times did someone's comment killed your dream before you even got the time to start planning it?

 And who's fault is that?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lifestyle | My morning routine

Untill very recently mornings were my pet peeve: the alarm was my biggest enemy and I could not stand having to get out of bed.

 So I decided to change my morning routine and add little things that make my day go better:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

DECOR | Ikea hacks & DIY's

Hi Everyone!

 If you know me you me you know I love life hacks. Anything from coconut oil for the hair and skin, to apps to save Money, I am the first to try! So today I decided my favorite Ikea hacks from pinterest.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Career | A little talk about my goals

Hi Everyone!

 I hope you started your week in a positive note!
 I am starting this week by sharing something a little bit more personal in the blog for the first time: My goals.
I am doing this, because it will be a fun post to read in the future when I accomplish them!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Finance | How to save money on designer Itens

We all want that Michael Kors Bag, or Dior  perfum, however not all of us want, or can afford these luxuries. 

Today I am sharing some tips to help you find these pieces at a lower price:
  1. Garage Sales
Go to garage sales that take place in the nice neighborks next to you. The odds are you'll find very interesting pieces at a much lowert rate.
  1. Thrift Shops
The same concept apllies to thrift shops: People sell anything for a diverse amount of reasons. Who knows if those shoes you've been looking for aren't just there?

  1. Search the web
There many online shops where you can find designer Itens, one of my favorites is Forzieri. By subscribing to their newsletter you will be the first one to know when the major discounts take plase. This applies to follow this shops on social media, where they share when their prices are going low.
  1. Second Hand
If in perfect conditions, nobody will ever know that bag, shirt, or jackets belonged to other person. Once again, search on the web - sites like eBay are usually a good place to find itens like this.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fashion | Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Finally the winter is almost over (The puns I could do mentioning Game of Thrones are infinite.) and it's time to start thinking about getting a few key pieces for the warmest weather.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Career | How to cope with lack of motivation

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a nice weekend!

 As I am writting this post in a Sunday, the day most people feel depressed about going to work  th next day (me included), I thought it would be nice to share a couple tricks to help you keep your mind positive and not see Monday as a big monster.


 I am not going to lie: sometimes is really hard to deal with the stress and anxiety of our day job, however, you have to see things in perspective:

-Why are you working for?

E.G. I work to gain experience to find a better job later, buy equipment to help me grow my passion (Blogging) and one day use all that knowledge to build my own company.

If you are working only to pay bills, you are building someone else's dream, definately not yours.

Whether you're currently studying, or working full-time, you must update your long-term goals to help you visualize where are you going.

- What is your morning routine?

Do you start your day waking up late and having to run to go to school or your job?

If you are already stressed, those extra five minutes in bed won't do anything about it.

 Instead, train yourself to get up early - we are creatures of habit. Wake up half na hour earlier and:

-Use the first 5 minutes to meditate:
What are your goals for the day? How will you accomplish them?

-Be gratefull:
Have a journal next to your bed, and write every morning the things you are gratefull for (your house, your family, your health, the fact you can afford to go to school or to work etc). This helps you visualize all the positive things you have and start your day with this mindset.


Before going to college, I used to practice 5 differents sports: nowadays I practice zero.

You do not have to wake up and go to the gym, but you can include a  5 minute set of Yoga exercises in your morning routine or go for a walk around your block.

This will get your body ready to what it has to face during that day.

 Concluding, if you do not have a goal you cannot score: you need to redifine your priorities, get your goals updated, and start your day like a champion.


What other tips do you have on how to cope with lack of motivation?

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Being a woman in my twenties


Being a twenty something in the internet era is way more difficult the what it was fifty years ago.
Today we can see the sometimes irrealistic lifestyes people our ages have and how much they’ve been accomplishing without actually getting access to the backstages where hardwork and long hours of no sleep are predominant.
As a woman in my twenties, a big challenge I am facing is the men ruled corporate world. My company is runned by 9 directors, and none of them are women.
However my department, the administrative, is one hundred per cent populated my woman. Is the myth of the woman as secretary still alive? Obviously yes. Is it harder for high skilled hard working women to have a voice around men? Absolutely.
My goal as intern in this multinational company is to learn as much as I can and hopefully in the future I’ll be able to become a woman in a men’s world, raising the representativity and proving that we can be whatever we want with a lot of hardwork, a little perseverance and a lot of persistency.
Another challenge is to face the maternity spectrum, where you’re expected to marry, form a family, have kids and Forget about your career in this road of motherhood.
I usually say that women should be able to choose their own path wether is being a stay at home mom or a executive woman.
Which are the challenges you face as a women in your twenties?

5 ways to slay a job interview


Our first job interview can be a nightmare. Or not! Keep reading to learn how you can get ready for a job interview - and slay it!

5 key pieces you should invest on as a Millennial

Hello everyone I hope you had a nice weekend!
I am starting this week with a theme that may have had cross your mind before: as a millennial, especially looking for your first job, you may not have the budget to buy na entire closet of brand new working clothes

So if you want to know how to turn this around keep Reading!

when we do not have a lot of money to work with, we should fefinately buy better instead of more. Invest in a nice piece you know will last forever, or, if you're on a budget, buy key pieces like this that you will be able to play along with basics:


A nice taylored blazer can be make magic. You can throw it over a dress, jeans or a nice pair of classic pants and you will always look put together.
Semi Casual London Style

Classic Pants:

Pretty much like the blazer, the options are infinite. The nice fabric will give a grown up look, while you can wear it with a plain shirt, high heels of even a par of nice white sneakers.

Black High heels:

Every woman must own a pair of these. There are special occassions like na interview, a meeting, or even a date, where a pair of nice high heels make your entire outfit look more put together.


Nice flats:

This adds more variety to your clost while allowing you to play with what you already own.


Statement Jewelry:

A gold necklace can go a long way adding that chic detail to a plain outfit, while a pair of pearl earing go with everything and nobody will ever know they cost 2€.

What are your favourite key pieces from this list?


5 Female Influencers you should be following on Instagram

God knows Instagram is my absolute favorite app, the one I could not live without. However, part of what makes instagram great are the people you are following.
Today I will be sharing my favorite women influencers to follow on Instagram and the reasons why:

5 Internship winter outfits| Women


10 Tips to save money | For young people

Are you young, just finished college, with students loans to pay off or currently in a unpaid internship and desperately ready to save money?
These are 10 very easily to follow tips, that will save you hundreds of dollars/euros a monta